Was there anyone secular in the war of Mahabharata?

 Even in the war of Mahabharata,: a person remained secular. When the auspicious time for the Mahabharata war came out and Duryodhana asked for the Narayani army and Arjuna asked for Vasudev, then the matter went to Balram ji. It was asked from where Balram ji would fight. When Balram ji was asked about the war, he decided to remain neutral in the war. He said that I have my own on both sides. Arjuna is my relative and Duryodhana is my disciple. That’s why I can’t fight on both sides because I am on both sides. And saying this, Balram ji turned away from the war. Simply, this is the absolutism of the person which is being eaten up by today’s society. You will also know the result of this. Dharma won in Mahabharata and when Bhima was killing Duryodhana, Balram suddenly appeared. Balram ji started saving Duryodhan. In the end, when Balram ji imposed his rules and regulations, Shri Krishna prohibited his entry.
 Shri Krishna said in clear words where were you when the war of religion and unrighteousness was going on?
 Whose side were you on when the conflict between religion and unrighteousness was about to take place?
 When religion was calling you to protect itself, then you had decided to remain neutral and when the result of the war is coming today, then on what basis are you interfering in this war?
 When you were not in the battlefield during the entire war and had gone on a journey, then today on the last day, with what right are you running your rules in this religious war?
 Just what then? Balram ji went back from there. Dharma has won. Not only unrighteousness was defeated here, but secularism was also defeated.
 No one can remain secular in a religious war. If someone is not with religion, then understand that he is with unrighteousness.

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