Aa laut ke aaja hanuman “aa laut ke aaja hanuman tumheshree ram bulate hain” will occur.

Come back Hanuman, Shri Ram calls you.

Janaki’s life resides in you, Shri Ram calls you.

After defeating everyone by burning Lanka, you bring the news of Siya.

You saved Lakhan by lifting the mountain and bringing life.

O Bajrangi strong, we remind you.

Earlier there was Ravana on only one earth, whom the Lord created.

You were the rider of all the work, you had given support to the Lord.

O brave Sujan in the world, even your praises are sung.

Religion is in trouble again, now Kalyug has played the game.

Lakhs of Ravanas are now here, till when God fought alone.

Just take a look and pay attention, Shri Ram calls you.

Ram ji is incomplete without you, dear to the unknown mother.

Fulfill the dreams of the devotees, come, the darling of the wind.

To do welfare of the world, Shri Ram calls you.


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