Leicester City

 The Foxes have been a force in English football since their formation in 1884. They play at the King Power Stadium in Leicester, England. Their home kit consists of white shirts, black shorts, and red socks. Leicester’s away kit is similar to their home kit, except they wear yellow socks instead of red. Leicester’s crest features a fox head and the motto ‘Vivat Rex’.

Man United
Manchester United
 Manchester United was founded in 1878 and currently plays its matches at Old Trafford in Greater Manchester, England. The club’s home kit consists of red shirts, blue shorts, and white socks. The club’s away kit is similar, except it wears green socks instead of white. The club’s crest features a lion holding a shield with three stars, representing the city of Manchester, England. The motto of the club is ‘Dux Mancunia’, meaning ‘Leader of Manchester’ in Latin.


 A goal is scored when the ball goes into the net past the goalkeeper. A goal may be scored directly from a shot on target, or indirectly from a pass leading to a shot on target. If a team scores first, the score is recorded as 1-0. If the game ends in a draw, the teams will go into extra time and penalties if necessary.


 An attendance record is the number of people who attend a sporting event. In soccer, the highest attendance record belongs to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final between France and Croatia, where over 90,000 spectators attended the match. The lowest attendance record belongs to the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final between Liverpool FC and Tottenham Hotspur, where only 25,000 fans watched the match.

 5. Head Coach

 A head coach (also known as manager) is the person responsible for managing a sports team. In association football, the head coach manages the players on the field. The head coach is often assisted by assistant coaches.

 6. Manager

 A manager (or coach) is a professional employed to manage a sports team. In football, the manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the team. He/she is tasked with making tactical decisions, hiring and firing staff, and motivating his/her players.


referee is a person who oversees a sporting event and makes sure that rules are followed. In soccer, referees make calls on whether a player committed a foul, and award or deny goals


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