All Powerful Shiva Mantra:

Once upon a time, a young man named Ramu lived in a village. He was very honest, noble and religious. Ramu had great faith in the worship of Lord Shiva. His day began with the name of Lord Shiva and even before going to sleep at night, he was in the meditation of Lord Shiva.

One day, a terrible emergency came in the village. A village across a deep rivulet was submerged. Many houses were extinguished and many people were injured. People took refuge in Lord Shiva and offered devotion and prayers in his support.

Ramu also prayed to Lord Shiva with his faith and belief and begged him to remove the emergency. He started chanting the Shiva Mantra of Jagat Guru Adhinath “Om Namah Shivaya”. His devotion and faith gave him amazing strength and courage.

Lord Shiva heard Ramu’s prayers and honored his faith. A miracle happened, the flood in the rivulet stopped and the people of the village were saved. This strengthened the faith of the people and they believed that every crisis can be overcome with the devotion of Lord Shiva and the power of Shiva Mantra.

From this story, we learn that the power of Shiva Mantra is extremely amazing and by chanting it with devotion, every crisis can be overcome. With devotion and faith, the blessings of Lord Shiva are always with us.

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